Dieter Brehm

Sewing masks with upcycled fabric

picture of dieter brehm (me) with the mask on Wearing the finished mask!

I've been making cloth masks recently, and trying to figure out the best method possible for my situation at the moment. I've narrowed down on a pleated cotton mask with cotton taping as the ties. This design has a filter pocket, 3 pleats folded through on both sides, and long taping which lets almost anyone wear it. I made a few elastic versions, which are quicker to make, but much less comfortable for wear periods > 20 minutes. Tying the mask around the back of my head let's the fit settle in much more without rubbing into my ears.

Some progress pictures below:

the finished mask The finished mask, I decided to use use cotton straps instead of elastic which always degrades quickly

in progress mask with pins in it progress picture! I've pinned the pleats here and I'm about to do the final seams

my workstation and small sewing machine the small but mighty sewing machine, it did the job!

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