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I like to make fresh granola (can granola be fresh?) every few weeks. Based originally off Designer Sarah Richardson's recipe, this mixture of oats, seeds, nuts, and natural sweeteners is a super tasty breakfast that is the go-to during the week. I pair with a sliced banana and whatever other fruit is around.

Amazing when hastily stuffed into a mug with a splash of milk before being rushed into a cup holder. Still good dry when there is no tolerance for mess in the morning.

closeup of granola with seeds, nuts, and oats

Using good oats is important here, go for organic ones from a local food coop. Coops typically make bulk purchases even easier.

Organic rolled oats

nuts, seeds, and oats in bags

By total chance I found one of my favorite maple syrups. Honey wasn't bad either, though I am less picky about honey in general.

Wildflower honey and Brattleboro vt maple syrup

Do make sure to utilize a giant steel bowl. You feel like a real (baker?) (chef?) (pro-granola artisan?) and it makes mixing faster.

Combining nuts, seeds, and oats in a large steel bowl

The distribution is deceiving, the smaller nuts look less prevalent once all mixed up.

Birds eye view of all the dry ingredients in steel bowl

Adding honey, vanilla, salt, and maple syrup to the dry ingredients

Mixing the granola ingredients together with a soft spatula

The finished product, sans any add-ins. I like to add flakey coconut for a little more texture in the morning bowl. Finish off with whole milk, soy milk, or oat milk for an extremely oat-filled experience.

the granola, baked and done on parchment paper on a baking sheet on the stove

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