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A new place for water

It was a rough week. But this is not the place for that. Other art tidbits of the day:

Today I got a brush cleaning tank that I've been searching around a while for. It's a sturdy ceramic one which holds a lot of water, and is built for watercolor painting, where I maintain one clean water partition and one "dirty" water partition.

ceramic water holder with two sections on a sunny desk by a stack of books Here is its current home, at the analog desk

The only downside is that it is big and heavy! I'm moving every few months at the moment, and I don't look forward to the idea of lugging this around. Still, the size is perfect and it'll last as long as me (well, if I don't drop it!)

I also drew a bagel, soon to be painted! I used the quite fun Staedtler 2mm drafting pencil, which ends up feeling just like a wooden pencil with a thick lead.

A pencil drawing of a bagel with Lox on a waxy wrapper The roughed-in bagel in question

Being on video calling software for school is exhausting, as the only form of communication I have with the various communities at my college. The little moments where I find time to take a break and put pen (or pencil!) to paper feels so very restful. That said, I'm quite rusty! With any luck I will have more time to practice seriously during the Summer.

Take care,

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