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What I read in February

# February Readings

I've managed to journal consistently thus far this year, which means I have a better sense of what I'm spending my time on during extended quarantine. I use a Bobonichi Techo planner, with a writing board insert to keep track of the current day. Featured in accompaniment is a Kaweco Liliput fountain pen that I originally tracked down in a tiny European pen shop.

During the month of February, I scraped together time to read novels. My ability to do so, limited by my schedule, waxes and wanes. These three books were gems, with the first two outshining the latter, by a bit.

Hobonichi 2021 planner

# The Complete Cosmicomics - Italo Calvino

The Complete Cosmicomics

# Arbitrary Stupid Goal - Tamara Shopsin

arbitrary stupid goal book

# The Glass Hotel - Emily St. John Mandel

The glass hotel original cover

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