Dieter Brehm

Tools for drawing

drawing tools: pen, pencil, fountain pen, rotring pen These are some of my favorite tools at the moment

  • Prismacolor col-erase red pencil

Every few months I buy a pack of 12 of these. The only colored pencil I regularly use, these red prismacolors are specially made to be easy to erase compared to a typical prismacolor pencil. Great for lines that will eventually see ink, and easy to photoshop out of the scan in post.

  • Rotring isograph 0.35mm

A "technical pen" which isn't so popular anymore but which is one of the best ways to make consistent lines on paper or film. These are kind of messy, and have some up keep associated with them, but come in a huge variety of sizes and produce very satisfying linework once you become familiar with how to use them. Newcomers will probably find them really "scratchy.

  • Pentel Graph 1000

A 0.5 mm mechanical pencil. Similar to every other mechanical pencil, but the clutch is metal, it is very grippy to hold, and there is no fancy mechanism that makes drawing harder. Simple and to the point (get it?)

  • Pigma micron brush pen

Waterproof brush pen which is pretty firm. I think I got this by chance at an art store when it was next to the ever-popular sakura pigma micron fineliners. It's great for filling large areas with ink.

  • TWSBI 580 fountain pen with platinum carbon ink

A fountain pen for writing notes, making lines with some variation, or for carrying around in a pocket for quick sketches. It is very suited to watercolor sketches, so I use Platinum Carbon Ink which is waterproof and deep black. There are nicer fountain pens out there, but the 580 is very smooth, and you don't have to worry about carrying it around.

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