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The Zine library

I have amassed some number of zines (maga-"zine") over the past year and wanted to log them. If any Oliner or anyone who knows me wants to borrow one of these and read it, let me know! It is updated as of 12/18/19.

  • "You got this" By Glitch, 2018 - A zine by the glitch company about programming topics presented with fun and cozy illustrations. Largely based on React web development.

  • "Computer?" By Dieter Brehm and Sam Daitzman, 2018 - This one is cheating, because I illustrated and co-wrote it, but this is a zine about the history of computing presented in an uncommon lens.

  • "printjob manual" By Drew Wallace, 2018 - A illustrated manual for replacing print cartridges

  • "fighting internet shutdowns around the world" By Access Now, 2018 - This is a zine to spread knowledge and cause activism around internet shutdowns.

  • "LEGpOe" by Olin POE team LEGpOe, 2018 - A poe project construction manual made in the style of a lego model manual. I believe it was typeset and made by Raquel Dunoff.

  • "A people's guide to AI, Artificial Intelligence" By Mimi Onuoha and Diana Nucera, 2018 - A primer and discussion about artificial intelligence.

  • "Digital Security Bingo" by Access Now - A parody of security issues and custom bingo cards

  • "Metaphors arise" By Katy Ilonka Gero, 2018 - A computer generated poem about human modulation

  • "Remarker #4" By remarker - A "nanozine" with content from multiple creators featured on a bookmark sized zine, largely related to programming or tech.

  • "Preserve this podcast" By Dana Gerber Margie, Molly Shwartz, Sarah Nguyen, Mary Kidd, 2018 - A illustrated practical guide to making and preserving podcasts forever.

  • "Bite Size Command Line" by Julia Evans - Food themed Linux command line stickers.

  • "the matrix Magnates" by Stefan Pelikan, 2018 - A small book on the linotype, which automated typesetting for the masses.

  • "little scientist #1" By Caroline Hu, 2018 - A zine and comic about become a scientist. Illustrated by Caroline Hu, biologist and illustrator.

  • "little scientist #1" By Caroline Hu, 2019 - A new volume of little scientist, a zine and comic about become a scientist. Illustrated by Caroline Hu, biologist and illustrator.

  • untitled by Julia Gfrörer, 2019 - A illustration I picked from the MICE in cambridge. It's really pretty!

  • Moon! by Grace Abe, 2019 - A zine about the moon I picked up from MICE in cambridge. It came with a cassette tape you are supposed to enjoy while reading the zine.

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