Dieter Brehm

Pandoc Cheat Sheet, Converting Docs in Style

# What is pandoc?

Pandoc (Pandoc docs (opens new window)) is a command line utility for converting text documents from one format to another. I use it frequently for converting from markdown to LaTeX or Org-Mode (and the other way round.)

You can give it a try with as a live online example without installing pandoc: (opens new window).

# Frequent Commands

Here are a few commands I use a lot to get started:

pandoc -f markdown -t html -s -o output.html

markdown file to html file

pandoc -f markdown -t latex -s -o output.tex

markdown to LaTeX document

pandoc -f markdown -t org-mode -s -o

Finally, a simple pdf one:

pandoc -s -o output.pdf

markdown to PDF, no type specification needed

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